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[IP] Re: mixing V and H in the summer

Ted, for what it is worth I have been mixing H and V (5:1) ratio in a
cartridge that lasts about 2 weeks for me.  EVen with the 90 degree temps I
have seen no precipitates or clumping, nor have noticed any change in
BG/insulin  ratio for the duration of any 2 week cycle.  My bottles are
stored in the refigerator.  So I don't think anyone needs worry about
mixing degradation at least for a 2 week period or heat degradation (of
course I don't live in Texas).   Since the buffers for H and V are
definitely different, there is always the possiblity that there will be
some reaction after a longer period of time, but at the present time there
is no evidence for this.  If I decide to go with the mixture all the time,
I will have no qualms about just making up a bottle of the mixture and
keeping in the fridge.

> I switched to the Lilly insulin since my endo was asking his "friend" at
> Lilly about possible problems with the H&R mix. Obviously they could
> only comment on the issues involved in mixing their own insulins.
> Officially they have never tested mixing Humalog with Regular, but we're
> still waiting for their unofficial comments. I wanted to know if it was
> acceptable to pre-mix H&R in its own bottle to make refilling the pump
> quicker and simpler. There is a theoretical possibility that over a
> period of time (ie longer than the week we have the two mixed in the
> pump cartridge) the two insulins could interfere with each other.

Yes, you mentioned this before. I've started pre-mixing my Humalog and R
in a separate bottle before loading my syringes. I only mix about 200 H to
40 R at a time, which gets used up in 2 cycles, usually about 4 days. Seems to
work well for me.

Ted Quick
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