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Re: [IP] Absence of low readings.

Katie, if you had a BG of 90, you were fine.  Those symptoms can be
misleading if BG drops quickly or they may be due to something else.  I
always trust my meter, and if there is any doubt I check again.  You've got
to start listening more to that guy you live with :-)

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Subject: Re: [IP] Absence of low readings. Was: Site Lump

In a message dated 98-07-23 14:55:41 EDT, Michael wrote:

<< and
 'feeling weird like a low' has been reported in the absence of low bg
 readings. >>

I had a really sever low (way over bolused, I assume) on humalog. Dropped me
to the floor in sweats and crying but my reading was around 90. My hubby
wanted me to wait before treating but I was insistant. I rebounded like a
rocket and went very high. Can't remember the number. The really odd thing was
how quickly I went down and came back up.

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