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[IP] dehydration & bg readings...

    I think I somewhat qualify for "anyone that has had an increase in
blood glucose readings due to dehydration"!  I went to the Lilith Fair
concert here in va beach at our ampitheatre the other day with 115
degree temperatures.  I actually first bottomed out at 45 then
drastically rebounded to 314 then more up to 375 (that # really scared
me!!!)  Then I got back down to 170 before bed and my husband (who said
he could sense it like those animals we spoke of previosly!) woke me up
at 3 am to make me go test...I was 35!!!  So I can't say if it was ALL
dehydration but it certainly had something to do with it!!!  I drank 5
bottled waters but sweat every bit of it out in 2 seconds!  So extreme
heat may not mess up your insulin but it will mess your body up!!!!
                            -Tonya D.  :-)

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