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Re: Kingston Trio Song (Was Re: [IP] "Dark Ages" revisited)

At 01:00 AM 07/23/1998  Sue W wrote:
>Hi Sam,
>Now you've got my curiosity going!  I am old enough to remember the late
>60's -- I was a teenager then.  I don't remember a song like you
>describe, though.

It was called M.T.A. The song goes on about a fare increase and how Charlie
didn't have the extra fare so he was stuck forever beneath the streets of
Boston, riding the MTA. I think it was written in protest to a real-life
fare increase. 

I'm sure if you heard it that you'd recognize it. I could try and make a
.wav file from the album... can your email program handle attachments. (I
could also try to sing it for you but I think that might make you sick). 


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