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I have added the Medical Professional Advise mail list to the 
Insulin-Pumpers services.  This list was created to help 
educate medical professionals about pump therapy + Q&A.

The list is growing slowly and this reminder is to enlist the support 
of each and every Insulin Pumpers member to help make it grow, which 
will in turn help to spread the word about pumping

This list is made up entirely of medical professionals 
(CDE's, Dr.'s, Rn's, Pump Trainers). The list's purpose is to assist 
medical professionals who may be new to pumping, have a new problem 
(challenge) or simply wish to converse with other medical 
professionals using pump therapy with their patients.

PLEASE please PLEASE please PLEASE please PLEASE please 

1) if you are a medical professional, contact me and volunteer to 
join the list to answer questions from your peers. This way, we can 
increase the size of the core group of experts.

2) All other members, please contact your physician, CDE, pump 
trainer, pump rep, etc.... and direct them to our web site:

www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes <--- with capital 'D'
and click on JOIN at the top of the page.

When this is accomplished, there will be a pool of talent to which 
Dr's can turn for training, education and answers about pumping 

DO IT NOW!!    DO IT NOW!!    DO IT NOW!!    DO IT NOW!! 


email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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