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Re: [IP] heat wave

> I had been having problems with persistant hbg in spite of bolusing extra
> insulin.  I talked to my endo about it and she agreed with me (she hasn many
> patients on the pump and said that other patients had reported the same
> problem last summer.)  She says that the current heat wave may be
> deteriorating the insulin in the pump that is not refrigerated.  She
> reccommends changing the reservoir every two days instead of three during the
> very hot weather.
I would be a lot more suspicious of site corruption with Humalog than 
heat deterioration. Lily routinely (in spite of the hassle I give 
her) leaves her pump in her 'very dark green' pack lying in the sun 
when she swims all day and stuff like that. She has never had a 
problem with insulin deterioration. When she gets into one of those 
high bg situations, a set change has ALWAYS fixed the problem without 
a change of the insulin, syringe, tubing.

I'm pushing 'mixing' again.

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