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Re: Kingston Trio Song (Was Re: [IP] "Dark Ages" revisited)

Maybe earlier than the late 60's.  I think it was '61 or '62 . . .  or
maybe a bit earlier (boy doest that make me feel a bit older.  :-)


At 01:00 AM 7/23/1998 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi Sam,
>Now you've got my curiosity going!  I am old enough to remember the late
>60's -- I was a teenager then.  I don't remember a song like you
>describe, though.
><< I hope its not the Boston MTA. If so, we'll never get off... (If you
>old enough to remember the classic song from the Kingston trio back in
>late 60's, this cryptic comment will make a lot more sense).
>(Who's old enough to know better) >>
>	... Sue  :-)
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>		Give your Faith a workout!
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