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Re: [IP] talk @ brain damage...

John Neale wrote:
> > John, a small question I've been meaning to ask here:
> > When you have it clipped to your belt, do you have the
> > LuerLok hose connection above the pump or below it?
> > I always have mine below, faced DOWN, so any incidental
> > air bubbles in the syringe go up to the plunger, rather than
> > up into the hose.
> Ted,
> Hi. Thanks for your thoughts! I tried wearing it pointing down, put I
> found it was too much trouble with all the extra tubing looping back up.

Ah yes, I forgot tp mention, I take the hose and route it under (above,
the around the corner strap on my pump case which aims it up the case where it's 
easily passed over my belt and in.
> My little bubble problem seems to have resolved itself. The Regular
> insulin I was using was Novo Actrapid. I recently changed to Lilly
> Humulin S, and it no longer seems to foam as badly as it did before. I
> have no more Novo Actrapid left so I can't really test this theory
> properly.

Oh well, I've never used Actrapid, though I DID use Velosulin when I first
got my pump.

> I switched to the Lilly insulin since my endo was asking his "friend" at
> Lilly about possible problems with the H&R mix. Obviously they could
> only comment on the issues involved in mixing their own insulins.
> Officially they have never tested mixing Humalog with Regular, but we're
> still waiting for their unofficial comments. I wanted to know if it was
> acceptable to pre-mix H&R in its own bottle to make refilling the pump
> quicker and simpler. There is a theoretical possibility that over a
> period of time (ie longer than the week we have the two mixed in the
> pump cartridge) the two insulins could interfere with each other.

Yes, you mentioned this before. I've started pre-mixing my Humalog and R
in a separate bottle before loading my syringes. I only mix about 200 H to 
40 R at a time, which gets used up in 2 cycles, usually about 4 days. Seems to
work well for me.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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