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On 23 Jul 98 at 8:30, Paula Berketo wrote:

> Welcome to the Over 21, 900 INJECTIONS Club.
> I will glady update the information or add your name.

Might ought to change the name to the "Pincushion Club"  - I was on a 
tight control protocol for almost 15 years with 4 to 6 shots a day.  
That gave me over 21,900 shots...  way too many, but it worked.  
Since September 26, 1997 I haven't had any "shots", just change that 
infusion set every three days.  When I make it to a year without a 
shot I'll really celebrate Assimilation Day!

My congratulations and admiration to all those who continue to hang 
in there with this "wonderful affection"  (Aretaeus the Cappadocain 
"Diabetes is a wonderful affection, not very frequent among men..."  
A.D. 81-138) 

Randall Winchester

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