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Re: [IP] Absence of low readings.

>  Sometimes when I come down quickly, I have they same reaction as when I
> have low bg's.  Even though my bg's are in the norm.  My body often lies to me
> in this manner. Sometimes, I am fooled into thinking I am crashing when I am
> not.  That is why I find it so important to test on any occasion.  Also, has
> anyone had the problem of raising bg's back up after a crash.  I am finding
> that even after eating as much as 4 glucose tablets (20gcarb) it takes as much
> as 30 minutes for my bg's to increase. If I take more glucose. Then I am in
> trouble. I send my bg's up to the 200 - 300's. does anyone know a quicker way
> to get bg's up form the 30's and 40's???

Glucose is the quickest. And your bg test is lying to you. There is a 
delay between what your core blood system sees as bg's and what 
eventually makes it out to the tiny capillaries in your fingers. You 
are most likely rebounding and are lower at the core than the bg 
tests indicate. You may actually need more glucose pronto to prevent 
this from happening, but I'm guessing at that.

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