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Re: [IP] Cause of diabetes

>    I am sitll having problems getting over the fact that so many of us fit
> into a pattern. Thyroid problem mom and diabetes kid. There has to be
> something to it.
There is a scientific documented increase in autoimmune disorders in 
diabetics. There are several past threads that discussed this.

> I also have
> all recessive traits - blonde curly hair, blue-grey eyes, crooked fingers and
> toes (not badly), fair skin. 

My kind of traits, when do we meet!  heh... heh... or do I have to 
get in line? :-)  hmm..... sounds like my wife and daughters. See 
Lily's picture on the Kids page. My wife and the girls have all the 
crooked fingers, blond, etc....  plus 'rat feet'. <vbg>

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