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Re: [IP] Absence of low readings. Was: Site Lump

    Sometimes when I come down quickly, I have they same reaction as when I
have low bg's.  Even though my bg's are in the norm.  My body often lies to me
in this manner. Sometimes, I am fooled into thinking I am crashing when I am
not.  That is why I find it so important to test on any occasion.  Also, has
anyone had the problem of raising bg's back up after a crash.  I am finding
that even after eating as much as 4 glucose tablets (20gcarb) it takes as much
as 30 minutes for my bg's to increase. If I take more glucose. Then I am in
trouble. I send my bg's up to the 200 - 300's. does anyone know a quicker way
to get bg's up form the 30's and 40's???
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