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Re: [IP] Cause of diabetes/cancer?

   I am sitll having problems getting over the fact that so many of us fit
into a pattern. Thyroid problem mom and diabetes kid. There has to be
something to it. How many Thyroid mom and diabetes kid also have siblings that
have ADHD, Dylsexia, and or Asthma. I have cousins that are asthmatic. My son
has Asthma. and my brother and nephews are both ADHD and Dyslexic.  There is
some genetic connection or predisposition here.  I have a feeling that they
are all interconnected. I am the only diabetic in my family, but I also have
all recessive traits - blonde curly hair, blue-grey eyes, crooked fingers and
toes (not badly), fair skin. I know that an illness triggered my immune system
into an autoimmune response, but I also think that I was gentically a loaded
gun ready to go off.  Just some  thoughts.  
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