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Re: [IP] Site Lump

> If I have picked up the right info, mixing will avoid site problems when
> the site seems to quite absorbing the insulin (happens to me every week or
> so).
That appears to be the conclusion based on reports of various members 
who mix, my daugher included

>  Also may have benefit of prohibiting the extreme highs or lows of
> rebounding.  
Close, there is some evidence that a low can occur for Humalog only 
users that is not easily detected by blood testing. To my knowledge, 
no specific mechanism has been proposed and only antecdotal evidence 
suggests this. The evidence of unexplained high blood sugars and 
'feeling weird like a low' has been reported in the absence of low bg 
readings. This appears to go away or be moderated with the presence 
of a regular insulin mixed with H, even in small quantities.

Buffered insulin (of which Humalog is one) has a liquid carrier that 
is optimized to allow the insulin to be readily absorbed by the body 
without crystalization (such as might occur in the long tube) as well 
as a number of other beneficial side effects. To one extent or 
another, all modern insulins are buffered - however, Velosulin is 
specifically optimized for use in pumps as I understand it. It is 
also reported on the list that the buffering solution for H and V are 
very similar (if not identical).
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