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[IP] pacificCare and Kaiser in Bay Area, CA

I'm trying to decide between 2 job offers. Health care won't be the
deciding factor, but it is important. My husband's policy has a large
deductible and only covers pumps and supplies 50%, so I'd like something
that does better. 

One of the jobs only offers 2 HMO plans: Pacific Care and Kaiser. This is
for the Bay Area of California -- I live in Sunnyvale and the job is in
Palo Alto. Does anyone have any experience with either plan for:

     * getting pump covered
     * getting pump supplies
     * getting Humalog and Velosulin (it was a pain under Blue Shield CA)
     * seeing an endocrinologist they like

I already know that my OB/GYN doesn't take HMO insurance, sigh. :-( And
both HMOs require referrals for everything.

The other job has Aetna PPO insurance, and the same questions apply. I
think it's a better insurance plan, but I haven't seen any specifics and
I'm leaning towards the first job.


email @ redacted

PS I'm still behind on the digest mail, so I would appreciate responses
that are cc'd directly to me.

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