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Re: [IP] Successful Sil Skewer! & Q

> Question: I need to place a supply order and am trying to decide how many
> Sils to get.  I have absorption problems in many areas of my abdomen (esp.
> the sides) due to many years of MDI there.  Does anyone have the experience
> of getting better absorption with Sils than with Sofs in areas that have a
> history of absorption problems? 

Lily started using the Comfort/Tender/Sil sets because of 
absorption/site corruption problems in her abdominal area. She uses 
the area over her butt, left/right. Others on the list use hips and 
thighs as well.

Try letting your abdomen rest for two or three months and use these 
other areas. Lily's hypertrophy virtually disappeared after 2 months 
and has not returned since she started rotating insertion through all 
sites a couple of months ago. Specifically she uses 4 sites, 
left/right upper buttocks with Comfort/Tender/Sil (actually a little 
above and to the outside) and left/right lower abdomen with sofset.

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