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Re: [IP] Cause of diabetes/cancer?

Bonnie, you've got it just right.  The T cells get trained to attact
foreign things.  However, given the great range of possibilities, the cells
obviously need to be able to recognize what is foreign and what is us.
This is not always so easy since small changes in protein structure can
some have big effects.  Apparently (so the theory goes) some parts of some
viruses are similar to something in the beta cells.  When the T cells
direct their energy to attacking the virus, some get confused and start
attacking the beta cells too.  Not too smart, but who knows--it prevented
me from possibly getting killed in Vietnam.  We deal with the hands we're

<<<<<<From: "Bonnie Richardson" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Cause of diabetes/cancer?

If I am following this thread correctly, what I am reading is that
sometimes those people who are unusually healthy throughout their life, may
get hit with a bugger virus, and the very cells that helped them stay
healthy, "allows" them to get diabetes.  Right?

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