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Re: [IP] RE: Inplantable Pump

> if you still have those lancet needles in your sensitive fingers?    I'm
> still waiting for someone to figure out how to encapsulate beta cells to
> protect them from my hot T-cells.  That's the "cure" that is always over
> the horizon.

Personally i will be amazed if that ever comes to fruition... for a few 
reasons, first of all, collecting spare beta cells isn't very easy... you 
need a source... organ donations aren't enough to supply the nessecary 
numbers.  secondly its not like a transplant where 100% of the cells are 
transplanted, you get a pancrease, and they use enzyme digestion to get 
rid of the fiberous tissue, and then centrifuge it to separate the 
cells... needless to say this yeilds about 10% or so of usable cells 
afterward.  Thats not too effienct.  beta cells are really sensitive, you 
pack them to tight, they die, to loose , they don't work right.  They 
have had sucess in some instances with implanting beta celling inrats and 
such... but NONE of these success cases were with being containing the 
autoimmune response, -- the problem is, in autoimmue responsive people, 
you have to protect from antibodies... they con do that.  But you body 
(unfortunatly) isn't dumb.  Antibodies aren't everything.  If your body 
can't kill it, it walls it off.  That can happen in as little time as 2 
months.  THAT, is the kicker of the problem.  (according to doctors at 
the joslin research institute boston)  But the walling reaction only 
occurs in the immuse response people.  ( so when they run the tests on 
diabetic rats whose pancreases were surgically removed... its not valid)

I have a feeling on the basis of that, the true artificial pancrease will 
be external.  Maybe they will develop a way to put the cells in a bank 
outside your body that just produces insulin to fill your insulin 
resevour on a pump that has a good feedback system.  I have heard ideas 
on a system involving sugical implants that connect to veins directly, 
for both measuring blood gloucose,and acting on it with insulin delivery. 
(no absorption delays, no delay in test results)  but whatever the 
mechanism for closing the loop on pump technology, I have a very strong 
personal belief that that is where thesolution will come from.  I think 
the auto immune problems bresented by the disease itself make it such 
that biologically treating it, while perhaps best, may be impossible.  
wheras biotechnologically treating it, may be almost as good, and more 
importantly possible within the next 10 years.

my .02 -- sorry I kinda went on and on there.....

James Lyons 
University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science
Computer Science Engineering Class of 2000

Honesty is the best policy, but insanity is the best defense
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