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Re: [IP] triathalons


I ran my first tri in June, for the most part it was a great experience, I
finished which was my goal, my next tri is this Saturday, which I will now try
to improve my times.

I began the morning over 300, do to the nervousness of the first race, bolused
to bring it down to about 225.  Started the race with a bs of 257, it was a
spint tri so no time to check bs's during the race, during each transitions I
drank about 12oz of All Sport and had a 50/50 mix of All Sport and water to
drink while on the bike, I finished the race with a bs of 53.

Prior to the race I did not decrease my basal rate (first mistake) because of
the elavated bs, next race I will half my current basal rate one hour prior to
the start no matter where my bs's are and will bolus (or eat) to have a bs of
about 225, I didn't mention earlier but I disconnected about 20 minutes prior
to the start and reconnected after the finish (my endo wants me to disconnect
during any exercise now matter what the length of time my be).  My second
mistake was that I didn't drink the All Sport/water on the bike.  The next
race I plan to also include a couple Fig Newtons in the first transition.

For your first race, any race for that matter, just remember to have fun, and
don't let the adreneline rush get you at the start, take it easy and finish

Everyone is different when it comes to exercise and bs's, you should have a
good idea of what will work for you from your training and how your bs's
reacted then.

Let me know if you have any specific questions.

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