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Re: [IP] Depression

>I think we are talking about two different things here. One being clinical
>depression and the other mood swings (for lack of a better word) caused by
>high or low sugars.

*Three* different things:


Clinical Depression as mentioned in this thread.

Situational Depression.  Based on my expereince; I frequently get into this
when I relaize that despite an altered lifestyle (MDI) and the meticulous
daily routine and energy I put into bg control:  IT IS A TOTAL WASTE OF
TIME.  Since I can't please any doctor nor acheive a perfect A1C nor
exercise w/o being "punished" with hypos all the next day... ...so I might
as well give up.   (Lasts days to weeks for me).

Mood Swings.  Very real and IMO, *definitely* caused by bg fluctuations.
One severe low or one severe high can affect one's mood for the entire day;
not just for the duration of the abnormal bg level!

BTW:  There have been long and interesting discussions on depression and
diabetes in the misc.health.diabetes newsgroup.


Darrin Parker
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