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[IP] from Carol Wasson: a few questions

From: "Wasson Nursery" <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Subject: a few questions
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 06:13:01 -0400

Thanks for everyone's input on bolusing after eating, all information was
very helpful.  The pump has been wonderful in helping me to compensate for
mistakes, pre-pump days I would avoid going out to eat.
I have a couple more questions for you experts,
my first question is for women diabetics, are there any OTC medications for
the start of a bladder infection? I can tell I'm getting one started again
and I'm not looking forward to another doctor visit.
So far my only ideas are to drink lots of water, vitamin c and try to keep
Bs stabilized.
My other question is about the silhouettes, when I first tried one it worked
great and I bought a box, but now they don't seem to be as great as I
thought, I think my insertion angle has been to shallow would that cause a
site to not work as well? Any other ideas why  using the silhouette would
cause higher Bs(180 plus)


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