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Re: [IP] Blood Pressure

    My 15 yr old daughter has been on ACE inhibitors for one year now. Her
level of protein kept increasing steadily in the repeat 24 hr urine tests
until it reached an all-time horrendous high of 2.6 grams- which is almost
indicative of major kidney damage.  Fortunately, she was totally asymptomatic
& the surgical kidney biopsy she had done revealed no other debilitating
kidney diseases. It DID however corroborate recent research that it doesn't
take 15-20 years for kidney damage to occur in those diabetics who are
PREDISPOSED to have this occur.  In fact, the studies found evidence of slight
changes in the "basement membrane" of the filtration system as early as 2
years post-diagnosis, twice as frequently in girls for some unknown
     Anyway, her first ACE inhibitor was Zestril which seemed to upset her
stomach.  Then she was put on Vasotec, taking 2.5 mgs in the a.m. Her bp was
90/60 prior to the meds & has remained in that range - although at her most
recent visit, it was 78/58, which her endo said was attributable to her not
drinking enough in this heat.  The dosage was gradually increased upward over
a period of months, so that she now takes 5mg in the a.m. & 5 mg before
     But the best news of all came in late May when we re-did the 24 hr urine
( for about the 10th time) & got the news that the level of protein had
decreased 80% to .28 grams.... Hard to say who was more excited- her ped.
nephrologist or us!
Her nephrologist said that her colleagues believe that the the success they're
seeing with ACE inhibitors in diabetics evidencing kidney changes could change
the course of kidney problems in years to come.  In the past, by the time they
saw a pt. they were usually symptomatic & had lost a large percentage of their
kidney function.
    For those who'd already heard this saga, sorry to be redundant, but there
are so many "newcomers" to this list, that I figured it was worth repeating.
Melissa's doctor feels a 24 hr urine is a very small "price" to pay to be
proactive in warding off potential deterioration.

Regards, Renee (Melissa's mom)
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