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[IP] blood pressure

Rachel -- I take captopril (generic for capoten) 3 times a day for the
kidneys, i also take atenolol (generic for tenormin) 2 times a day. each
25 mg. When I first started the captopril my kidneys where at 2/3 good,
now they are working fully. The first week I took the captopril I had
dizzy spells and some stomach upset then after that I was okay. Once in
a while I have a bit of dizzy, but I think that is from my eyes and the
way the light is. It is like if someone would flash a light off/on fast
how this might disorinate you. But I have eye problems anyway.With a
cataract I have problems judging distance and this type of thing.
 The captopril is an ACE inhibitor. The  atenolol is a beta blocker. I
have had a stroke, that is why the atenolol. 

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