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Re: [IP] Re: Depression, Insurance, etc.

>First on the depression issue, I use to take Zoloft for depression
>(diabetes, family problems, financial problems, etc.)  Since I went on teh
>pump 3 months ago I shortly ran out of the Zoloft and did not have the
>funds to buy more.  Needless to say I don't think I need it any more as I
>am feeling fine without it.   I feel it is primarily due to the pump!  I
>told my endo about it and he said the drug companies probably aren't going
>to like that! LOL  

to add, i am on remeron, a new antidepressant. i did some digging around
when i
was dianosed with depression, and found out that diabetics are more likely to
be depressed, and one of the major theories that i found was the daily
maintance of diabetes is so involved, that it might trigger depression. 

the other thing that i found out that was of some interest, is there is a
correlation between when a child starts taking care of diabetes themselves,
if they get depression later in life. the earlier the child started taking
of diabetes themselves, the more likely it was that child would later have

just thought i'd throw my two cents in
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