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email @ redacted wrote:
>     What is process to upgrade from a 507 to a 507C??
>     Is there any release info for the pump->PC link???
>     How about the continuous glucose sensor??
>     ***I want new toys!!!***

Take a look at the email I recently received from Minimed.
Says nothing about the continuous glucose sensor, unfortunately.

John Huff, Dayton OH
( type 1, dx @ 18 months, now 61 )
mailto:email @ redacted

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The ComStation is expected to be available in late September. It will work
with all 507's. The 507 (not the C) does not have as much "on board" memory
and doesn't store as long a history as the 507C. The first ComStations will
work only with PC's. Price is going to be $395, with $100 discount on

Take care,

Jack Joy
MiniMed Webmaster

At 05:37 PM 7/19/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Really from:
>What is the availability of the "Com-Station"
>software for the 507C, and what is its cost?
>I am planning to get a 507C soon.
>John Huff
>email @ redacted

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