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[IP] place to put pump

There is a company called Unique Accessories, Inc (UNI) in CA,
800-831-8929, www.uniaccs.com/. that has all kinds of clothing and
things that go with pumps. The web site has pictures of the various
items. They have a little paper of the items they will send you. I got a
deal called the "waist-it" (expensive 16.95), works good if you don"t
have a place to clip the pump or don't want it down around your ankles
or on the back of a china bowl. I took it to a person that has a surg
machine (sewing mahine) because of the small corners that need to be for
the pump pocket and I bought enough material to make 6 of the things for
the price and the lady only charged me $10 to make them. And with the
same idea made a bit haavier elastic one that straps to the thigh fo
wear under dresses.
Once you see how the make the pocket for the pump a person can come up
with a lot of ideas.

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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