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Re: Good Endo (Was Re: [IP] DKA)

On Wed, 22 Jul 1998, Sue W wrote:

> Hi Michael,
> Could you please clone Lily's Endo and send him to Utah?  He is
> desperately needed here.  <vbg>
I have a suggestion for parents. There are only a few hundred registered 
ped endos in the entire country. The adult endos are generally 
uncomfortable with ped patients.

Try your local gp or pediatrician. They may not be informed about insulin 
pumps, but I would not be supprised if they were more receptive and have 
fewer preconceived notions precisely because of their lack of knowledge. 
This might also be a good approach for those adults unhappy with their 
current endo's. The pump companies will be more than happy to direct you 
to a trainer who in turn know all the CDE's around them.

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