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Re: [IP] Site Lump

Hi Bonnie,

Humalog is the only insulin that still needs a prescription (at least in
the US).  Velosulin is the same as regular insulin -- it is just
specially buffered for use in a pump.

<< I have been reading Bob's and other comments about Val (whatever) and
want to know more about that. It sounds like I want to mix V & H, but I
haven't found all the information about them yet.  I am going to buy
"Pumping Insulin" in a couple of weeks.  I would appreciate specific
information about it.  I copied your notes and "bizsystem" info about
ratios last night and plan to figure mine out in the next few days.  I
never done that.  How much do I know to mix? Do I need my Endo's
Is it available without a prescription (Humolog isn't yet, I don't
Is it fast acting like Humolog?  What is the difference in the two?  I
a lot of questions. 
Any info will be appreciated.
Bonnie >>


	... Sue  :-)

		For a healthy heart ...
		Give your Faith a workout!

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