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[IP] Great pump hiding tricks #3...

I remember putting my original Autosyringe super-big pump in a specailly
cut down sock because thats the ONLY place it would sit unnoticed.

For those of us still looking for hiding places: idea is to take one of
those long white cotton socks and cut out the foot section.  Then slide
the tube up the leg to somewhere between the knee and the foot (it may 
be better to get a LARGER size then one usually would use).  The pump is
placed within the sock next to the leg.  

For those of us who still actually FEEL something, it may pay to sew a 
pocket into the sock using the peice which was removed for the foot.
This will enable you to put the pump into said pocket but not feel
against the foot.  Considering the size of todays pump, this should be
a breeze and may work for women in long dresses as well.  For those who
choose a less 'professional' attire: I would imagine that a similar
contraption further above the knee would do the same, only it gotta
probably be handmade since socks ain't gonna be wide enough (maybe
a well wrapped ace bandage would do it???)  (This may also work around 

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