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Re: [IP] DKA

Generally I would agree whole-heartedly, but I can't on this point.  It is
probably the result of a fluke rather than what should be common practice,
but . . .  I had an extreme low, so low that I was out for --- must have
been at least over an hour, I don't know - - - anyway, where I live
(northern Delaware) the first line of aid is the local fire company and
their EMTs.  They were called and decided that I was more than they could
handle so they called the County Paramedic service.  I woke in the fire
company ambulance, being attended to by the Paramedics.  After I was
conscious for about 15 minutes they did a bg, with their own Accu-Check,
and found that my bg was 122.  They gave me the option to be taken to the
ER or to sign a paper and not.  Guess what I did!  They said it was a
relatively new practice for hypogl;ycemia, to bring the bg back to a
"normal" level and give the patient that option, all other things being
satisfactory.  The following day I had to call the County Exec's office and
the Paramedic service and tell them how happy I was with the way I was
treated.  OH, they also didn't berate me for this happening.  They said "It
happens...."  How fortunate I was to be in their hands that day.  :-)


At 04:59 PM 7/21/1998 -0700, you wrote:
>    Sounds like you didn't do anything wrong.
>    I've had a pump since I was 15 -- for almost 17 years -- and have had
things like
>   Here are a few observations which might provide some help:
>1).  Avoid the parametics and the emergency room unless an IV is necessary
(for extreme
>dehydration when it is and you should go).  They are taught to treat hyper
>hypoglycemia with extremes and do not measure what they give you, thus
starting big bg
>swings.  Often they won't let you (the diabetic) or the family member
blood test with a
>meter and will wait hours for blood test results.  Giving someone glucose
for a low 3
>hours before after intravenous glucagon is not terribly helpful.  National
>generally confirm that emergency rooms and paramedics aren't much help to
diabetics in
>all but extreme cases.  Once in a while this is not true but it is easiest
to skip them
>when you don't really need them.

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