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Re: [IP] Depression

> One of the complications of being 'high' is depression. It has been 
> reported numerous times on the  list and I have noticed it in Lily. 
> She gets into a mood where 'nothing is right'. Usually this goes away 
> with corrected bg's. I'm sure other members of the list can report 
> far more devasting examples, I know there are some in the mail 
> archives. 

I can add to that (can't I always <vbg>).  Kayla is only 5.  She was 3
when diagnosed.  Pre-pump she was always moping around and had a total
lack of energy.  She had no interest in going anywhere or meeting the
new neighbors children.  Her favorite thing to do was sit on the couch
and watch movies.  Within one week of starting the pump she 'blossomed'
into a normal, energetic 5 year old that can't stand to sit still for
even 5 minutes.  Thsi is the same child that would sit (lay) still for a
90 minute Disney movie because she didn't want to 'do anything'.  And I
didn't even realize this behavior was abnormal for a 5 year old until
she started feeling so GOOD with nearer-normal blood sugars.  For the
first time in almost two years I feel like I have my daughter back.

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