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Re: [IP] bg's after bolusing (was eating out)

Hi Kasey...

	I see the same response with Humalog that you've observed with Kayla....
although it begins to work earlier for me than R, it peaks 3-4 hours later
-following pretty closely the "unused insulin rule/H&R comparison" that has
been posted here previously.  Before learning this from this list, I caused
quite a few crashes by bolusing to correct for this at my 2 hour post
prandial checks.  Now I let anything under 180 be, at the 2 hr BS... &
usually I check 3-4 hours post prandial to find myself back at my target
(80-100).   Humalog, although I wouldn't trade it, is NOT the "instant
correction" for me that it is often proposed to be.  Of course, YMMV....
but if the "exact match" to indogenous insulin is ever developed, count me
in... because I for one could use it.  I have found it helpful to bolus a
small percentage of the meal bolus early.... I have been experimenting with
a 10 - 20% (estimate) & following with the remainder of the meal bolus as
calculated... which, btw is often in a partial square wave format.  And
then sometimes, I just get tired of the "science" of it & simply bolus
"normally" - & put up with the limitations of exogenous H insulin.  Aaaaah
life with diabetes......  <grin!>

	Interestingly, it is a working theory of mine (& that of my MiniMed rep)
that this is what the MiniMed sensor trials have shown thus far, hence the
development of 48 basal rates on the 507c and subsequent prototype models
still in development.  Hmmmmm....  - any of our "official MM list members"
have any insights?  Whatever you do as a pumper, DON'T get discouraged!
Despite some of the observed post prandial issues, I personally have been
able to achieve an A1c in the 6 range - something that, despite my previous
knowledge base & determination... I was NEVER able to do before!  Lots of
us have seen improvements & "personal bests" with pumping!  Keep striding
for yours!! :)

Delaine Wright, MS, CDE
MM507 11/97 - H; Type 1 since 1983

> Thanks, Ruth for the advice.  Her endo seems to think that Humalog works
> longer for Kayla than it should.  It's still working six hours later and
> seems to peak at four instead of two........ 

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