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Re: [IP]the loud beep


I have on more than one occasion, slipped my pump down my briefs. Easier
than clipping it to the waist band, and certainly makes checking the pump
for basal rates, boluses, total amount of insulin since midnight, checking
the time, checking insulin remaining in the cartridge, checking the color
of the pump (it's clear), checking all the stuff I've just checked, once
again, etc. a lot of fun <vbg>

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>>A very convenient hiding place for my pump is in my bra.  This works well
>>for certain types of waistless fashions.  Needless to say, this also
>>well to muffle sounds, like beeps and alarms.
>>Sorry you do not have this option gentlemen!!!

Sam wrote:
>Ahem! We do have that option... however, most of us won't want to take
>advantage of it.

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