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[IP] Site infections - (re-post, no HTML gunk)


I've been pumping for a little over two years now, and have not experienced a
site infection. No brag, just fact. One thing which has guided me so far (and
will continue to guide me) is the following information I read in the manual
which MiniMed supplied with my original pump. "The Insulin Pump Therapy Book -
Insights From the Experts" has some good general guidelines for avoiding site
infections. The one which caught my eye was the reference to bacteria which is
often found in nasal passages. This information is from a report issued by the
Mason Clinic (I don't have the specific citation). I quote:

"More than half of the individuals with one skin infection had a second
episode, and most infections appeared as cellulitis rather than abscesses. In
the few abscesses that appeared, cultures revealed Staphylococcus aureus
bacteria. Those individuals with infected infusion sites were more likely
to be
nasal carriers of S. aureus than were pump users without infected sites."

My rule of thumb: If I touch my nose, sneeze or sniffle at any time just prior
to, or during a site change, I wash my hands with disinfectant soap and hot
water. I don't touch the set, site, cartridge (or reservoir for MiniMed
or pump until I've "re sanitized". I use this same rule when disconnecting and
re connecting my set for any reason.

Septic shock or toxic shock is not pretty. I wouldn't risk it for anything.

The other quotation which guides me is this:

"Good judgment comes from experience; and experience, well, that comes from
judgement" (Anon)

Bob Burnett

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