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[IP] Re: Depression, Insurance, etc.

First on the depression issue, I use to take Zoloft for depression
(diabetes, family problems, financial problems, etc.)  Since I went on teh
pump 3 months ago I shortly ran out of the Zoloft and did not have the
funds to buy more.  Needless to say I don't think I need it any more as I
am feeling fine without it.   I feel it is primarily due to the pump!  I
told my endo about it and he said the drug companies probably aren't going
to like that! LOL  

On the insurance issue.  I have had battles with insurance companies for
years trying to get them to cover needed supplies.  They will pay for a
kidney transplant but consider test strips to be durable medical equipment.
 Excuse me?!  Any way I will find a way to buy all needed supplies for my
pump because I finally know what a "normal" life is like with out
horrendous lows and always snapping at my kids (5 and 2) because of them. 
Hopefully my current insurance (Alliance Blue Cross/Blue Shield) will pay
for the supplies for the pump.  They did at start up after deductible and
co-pay but they still do not pay for test strips.

Thanks for all of the good information!

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