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Re: [IP] Depression

Well, I feel I must comment here.  I believe I was in a state of depression
for years.  Not clinical depression, but just a "life is meaningless" sort of
attitude.  I really kind of got use to the way I felt because I had always
felt this way.  When I started on the pump, this attitude totally disappeared.
I can't tell you how very happy I am and how much I look forward to every day.
It sounds so silly when I think about it but it is so true.  I think it is
wonderful that I and others on the pump can attain such a great feeling about
life just from having less erratic BG variations.  I attempted good control in
the past but was never able to attain it.  At least with the pump, I can
approach good control and I believe the way I feel proves it.  Looking back, I
felt like an old lady at 18. Now that I am 47, I feel like I am 18.  I would
not trade this feeling for anything.  However, I still don't think the pump is
for everyone.  My son had a history teacher and soccer coach who has diabetes.
I told him about the pump, but he said he had perfect control on MI and he was
an active, happy person. In other words, he did not need the pump.  As far as
children on the pump, I really think it would depend on the child and the
parents.  Some are ready and some are not.  I must say I would have never
thought of putting a child on the pump before school age, but I have learned
alot from this list.  I think every situation is different and each person or
family must decide for themselves.  I would never judge harshly anyone who
does not want to make the commitment to pump.  I do think,though, that if
tried, most would like the results.  ellen  
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