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Re: [IP] Depression

Michael wrote:

>One of the complications of being 'high' is depression. It has been 
>reported numerous times on the  list and I have noticed it in Lily. 
>She gets into a mood where 'nothing is right'. Usually this goes away 
>with corrected bg's. I'm sure other members of the list can report 
>far more devasting examples, I know there are some in the mail 

Some other thoughts here, possibly a slight disagreement with your theory
on cause / effect. I'm following a very interesting "long history" thread
on another list concerning depression and diabetes. The consensus seems to
be that diabetes is frequently associated with depression, but there is no
clear correlation between high BGs and depression itself. There are many
diabetics, Type I and Type II, who suffer from depression, even though
their BGs are very good control. The incidence of depression seems to be
about the same among both groups.

Two articles in diabetes related publications may be worth reading. The
Summer 1997 issue of JDF Countdown magazine has an article on "Depression
and Diabetes". The May / June 1998 issue of Diabetes Self Management
magazine has an article titled "Antidepressants - How NOT To Live With

Each of these articles clearly indicate that there is no clear consensus on
why depression seems more common in patients with diabetes. They each
indicate that there is no clear "cause / effect" relationship between BG
levels and the onset of depression. There are other factors cited,
including biological "pre disposition" (parent has suffered from
depression, for example).

At least one of the articles *does* indicate that for those who are prone
to depression, due to biological or other factors, prior problems with
depression, etc., the onset of complications may cause bouts of depression
to resurface. In these instances, it would seem that maintaining good BG
levels would help avoid recurrences of prior incidences. *BUT* the high BGs
themselves apparently cannot be shown to be a causative factor in the first

>I really don't know what else to say in reponse because I know my 
>life experience with this subject is tiny at best. There have really 
>been some horrific stories related on the list about depression. It 
>appears to me, at least, that better control (aka the pump) moderates 
>the depression and in some cases prevents it entirely.

Bob Burnett

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