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Re: [IP] Depression

      Right on target....Melissa was an absolute delight the other day & when
she checked she was 109....There is absolutely a change in her moodiness,
demeanor, etc when her bgs start rising....Our cardiologist friend tried to
get her to visualize what her body feels like by comparing the high glucose in
her blood to pancake syrup (NOT the "lite" kind) oozing through her
veins...Told her if she's feeling lethargic & cranky & doesn't want anyone
bothering her, there's a real physiological reason why!!!!.....That's yet
another aspect of this disease that "outsiders" never grasp, when I talk about
her "childhood" having been stolen from her.....Once again, the pump is most
assuredly NOT a panacea, but in the absence of a real CURE, I think it's as
"good as it gets" for today...

Regards, Renee
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