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Re: [IP] Camp Caution

Katie, I certainly didn't mean to insult you.  I was friends with a lot of
kids that used water instead of urine to test.  I liked them very much.  I
used "stupid" in quotes because I thought they were stupid at that time.  I
don't think so now.  I agree with what Randall said about kids and parents
being made to feel bad because of bad tests which, of course, as you know, is
ridiculous.  BTW, I also was made to feel bad for my bad tests.  I have gladly
outlived my Dr., who said I wouldn't live past 20 with all those "bad" tests.
Anyway, I never felt that lying about the tests would serve any purpose.  I
still don't understand their motivation except to explain it by saying they
had a poor understanding of diabetes and its complexities.  I am very sorry if
you assumed I was making a personal attack.  I was not.  Your comments just
caused me to remember my own experiences with those same situations.  I agree
with you that parents should help their children learn everything there is to
know about diabetes, good and bad.  After all, knowledge has power.  We need
all the power we can gain to deal with this disease.  ellen
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