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RE: [IP] When to Start a child on pump

  I must agree with what you said about children pumping.  Especially the parts about sleeping  in rigid schedules etc.  I must be "stupid" But I just don't get about wanting to be off of the pump.  I NEVER,EVER want to go back to that.  
I've found that attitude towards diabetes,as with other diseases .."attitude is everything"
I guess I live in fantasy land, I  disagree with alot of what Ruth said.  I feel like the pump literally saved my life.  I don't use this loosely.  I don't feel sorry for myself.  Never have and never will.  There are people much worse than I am.  I will fight until the end to do the best for me and the best for those to follow.  Kids are so important in paving the future.  Diabetes was never talked about when I was young...I felt like a leper most of the time.  Kids need to talk about their feelings and need to know that this disease IS NOT a death sentence.  I t really burns me up that some use it for whining about life.  I feel blessed to have this disease..I've used it for my advantage. I teach others about it and hopefully they can see that after 33 years..you can still look good and feel good.  The pump has made that big of a difference in my life.  For me, it's so much easier than MI....I have a hard time understanding why it is so much harder.....It has made my life so much easier....no time schedules and no crashing around meal times.  I'm sorry about getting upset, I guess that I just don't understand why it's so difficult for some.  I have my bad times like anyone else, but if you dwell on that it will eat you alive....been there done that, with MI..I wanted to die before I went on the pump. So I do understand, ..
I hope no one takes anything that I said personally...I love this list and have learned so much.  I guess that I'm not one that needs encouraged, I love to do the encouraging.  I'm all for kids on pumps..I can't say it enough..it's easier than injections...and with the right team and education your life can be normal....I feel more normal than I ever have, like I finally "fit"
Kids need to feel that.....
sorry to ramble, just my .02 ( and then some..)


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