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Re: [IP] Depression

> I am most interested in your comment "depression and difficulties
> with self-esteem".

One of the complications of being 'high' is depression. It has been 
reported numerous times on the  list and I have noticed it in Lily. 
She gets into a mood where 'nothing is right'. Usually this goes away 
with corrected bg's. I'm sure other members of the list can report 
far more devasting examples, I know there are some in the mail 

As far as self esteem goes, Lily and others absolutely hate people 
watching them take a shot. The hide out in bathrooms, closets, etc... 
to avoid the curious stares of strangers and even family. For Lily, 
at least, this has gone away completely with the pump. She doesn't 
care anymore who see her do a finger stick or a bolus and she is 
relatively un-abashed about digging around in her shorts on the 
soccer field or at the beach to remove her pump or re-connect.

I really don't know what else to say in reponse because I know my 
life experience with this subject is tiny at best. There have really 
been some horrific stories related on the list about depression. It 
appears to me, at least, that better control (aka the pump) moderates 
the depression and in some cases prevents it entirely.

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