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[IP] Mixing H & V

> I would appreciate specific
> information about it. 

The only specific information is what you will find on the list.
I have requested that all the 'mixers' send me the info on their 
ratios, how long they have been mixing, which insulins H, VorR, 
etc... So far 3 have responded.

> I copied your notes and "bizsystem" info about
> ratios last night and plan to figure mine out in the next few days.  I have
> never done that.  
> How much do I know to mix? 
Typical ratios reported on the list vary from 5:1 H/V to 3:1 H/V
My humble observation is that less V(R) is better, but the ratio can 
easily be tailored to match your "ideal" digestion curve so the 
absorbtion suits you.

> Do I need my Endo's blessing?
Well, as usual, Humalog is not approved for pump use. Mixing it with 
something else obviously is not either. That said, Lily mixes with 
her endo's blessing as do several other of his patients. Various 
members have reported here that their health care team have said 
"great, try it" and "no way Jose". I think what it really boils down 
to is that the "no way" crowd has no knowledge and is not willing to 
try anything for which they might remotely be held liable. Remember, 
that some of these health professionals do not want pumpers to use 
Humalog because it is not FDA approved for use in pumps.

> Is it available without a prescription (Humolog isn't yet, I don't think)?
Yes, Velosulin is a 'regular' insulin available over the counter with 

Official name: Velosulin BR, mfg. by Novo-Nordisk

> Is it fast acting like Humolog?  What is the difference in the two?  I have
No, is is a 'buffered' regular insulin for use in pumps. In fact, one 
of our members is successfully using Humulin 'R' mixed with Humalog, 
Ted I think.

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