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RE: Re: [IP] Site Lump

I usually don't respond to often to information...it is more interesting
reading and learning it right now...but, I feel I need to respond to this.  A
diabetic friend - not super close but someone I have known for a number of
years - just died from "complications of diabetes".  He was in his 60s and had
been diabetic for almost 40 years.  He developed a sore on his foot - one of
many he had fought through the years - and the doctors thought they had it
under control.  At least this was what he and his wife told me 3 weeks ago
when I saw them at the store.  

I was terribly shocked to see his obituary in the paper last weekend. 
Apparently, the infection from his foot got into his blood stream and his body
just couldn't handle it.

It has made me more aware of germs and bacteria while changing my site.

I still am having trouble understanding how an infection can completely take
over like this!

Just FYI.   

Thanks for listening and please take care!   Sue Gordon
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><<  I would guess that our bodies are constantly fighting small
> bacterial invasions and that when they loose we get what they call an
> Seems like Barb might have real medical info here? >>
>Here goes....These site infections can develop into major abcesses that if
>allowed to get out of hand, can lead to major systemic septic infections.
>(Total body infection in the blood stream)  As a diabetic, you have to be
>especially vigilant.  Those infection fighting white blood cells cannot fight
>infection when BG is over 160-200 range (YMMV)  Depending on the organism,
>especially some types of bacteria, glucose and insulin is used by those
>critters for their own growth, stealing your insulin and keeping your BG up!
>So be careful with cleaning sites and be careful about how long you keep one
>in place.  As a professional, I am obligated to advise my patients to change
>sites every 2-3 days, depending on infusion device and insulin used. (Keeps
>malpractice insurance people happy!)  I do, however, know that not all people
>choose to follow this advice.  Consider this...how much is a new set and new
>site worth to you compared to the cost of a visit to the MD and the
>prescription?...or the cost of a hospital admission for a major infection
>treatment.  Septic shock is not a pleasant experience.  My apologies if this
>upsets anyone.
>Barbara B.
>- ----------------------------------------------------------

As a diabetic who's been through a "major systemic septic infection", I would
strongly endorse Barb's cautions. It wasn't a site infection that got me (it
was pre-pump) rather it was a urinary tract infection. The net result was nine
days in the hospital including three days in intesive care and two days that
I don't even remember. There were minimal signs of onset. I had high (300 -
bgs the day before I was taken to the hospital, but also had a low (50) hours
before. My doctor later told me he didn't think I was going to live through
I'm still spooked anytime my bg's get high unaccountably. Trust me, you DON'T
want to go there.

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