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RE: [IP] When to Start a child on pump

>  When is the best time for
> children to start on the pump?  Their child, named Michelle, is 6
> years old, and was diagnosed two years ago.  They struggle a lot
> with maintaining reasonable blood sugars and have seen the success
> that I and their niece who wears a pump have had.  The advice they
> have been given is "Wait until the child is 15 and begging for it." 
> Do others agree/disagree?

Ouch, you got my hot button!!!

A vehement B*** S*** !! to the recommendation to wait.
Delay is tantamont to cruel and unusual punishment. 
An Insulin Pump is currently the 'very best' treatment for Type 1 
diabetes. My daughter started pumping literally weeks after we 
discovered that the pump existed, 5 months after diagnosis. The 
results are nothing short of miraclulous for a child. 

Direct your friends to our Kids Pumping page at

and Ellen Ullman's KidsRPumping page at 

Currently on the list we have these kid pumpers (there are more, I
just don't know all their names and ages)

 2 Hannah
17 (started at 3) Ellissa
 4 Will
 4 Malcom
 5 (started at 4) Drew
 5 Kayla
 6 Brendan
 6 Megan
 6 Jessica
 7 (started at 6) Cameron
 7 Rachel
 8 Chris
 8 Marisa
 8 Jarrod
10 Zach (started 7.5)
 9 Stephanie #2
 9 Brandon
 9 Paul
 9 Jenna
13 1/2 ( started at 10) Darren
10 Reed
10 Ravi
10 Spencer
10 Kim
11 Amy
11 Brian
11 Nate
14 (started at 11) Lily
14 (started at 12) Justin
15 (started at 13) Melissa
13 Chelsey 
16 (started 14) Stephanie #1
14 Jason
14 Nathaneal
15 Brian
16 Bryan

In addition, there are quite a few kids age 7 - 10 waiting for pumps
in the next month or two.

It's tough to argue with these successful and happy pumpers!

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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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