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Re: [IP] Low blood sugars

Michael wrote:
> You must know your son's ratios. That is the amount of insulin 
> needed to lower bg's and the amount of CHO to raise a bg's a specific 
> amount.

It took me a while to work this out. Perhaps it's obvious to others. I
don't know. But with my figures:

1 insulin unit is required for each 15g carbohydrate eaten
1 insulin unit drops my bg by 45 mg/dl

combining these two figures gives me:
15g carbohydrate will raise my bg by 45 mg/dl

Is this logic correct?

> The most rapid thing to use is glucose. For a three year old, this 
> should probably be in liquid or gel form, it might be hard to get him 
> to chew a tablet. The gel is available at pharmacies over the 
> counter. Powedered glucose (dextrose powder) is also available at the 
> pharmacy or can be ordered by them (liquid too but you'll need a 
> prescreption I think. It looks like soda pop but is real thick).

Couldn't agree more. Get some glucose (dextrose) powder from your
pharmacist. If they don't stock it, get them to order it. Just the plain
powder. Prepare a your own hypo treatment kit. Get some plastic cups
with a lid, and make a low, medium and high dose kit. Each raises the bg
by a fixed amount. Then when you need them, they're right there in the
bathroom (or where-ever). Just add a bit of warm water from the tap (it
dissolves the glucose quicker than the cold) and drink it in one. Hypo
gone. If I wait till I'm hypo before deciding how much glucose to take,
I invariably over-treat the hypo. Best to pre-measure the hypo-treatment

Glucose tabs are obviously best if you're not at home.

> Try to watch for some 
> early signs of low and treat immediately. Yes, you will be paranoid, 
> but so am I about my daughter. After 4 years, I still watch her like 
> a hawk. I'm sure I'm over protective and I try not to interfer with 
> her life, but I know that once in a while I drive her nuts.

I certainly watch myself like a hawk for hypos. Your son should as well,
as soon as he's old enough to distinguish between hungry and thirsty! I
have a fairly efficient early warning system that kicks in at 3.8 (70).
I just feel different. I couldn't describe it to anyone else. I just
know. But if the hypo goes undetected and progresses beyond the trivial
stage, then my bg invariably goes high for some hours afterwards. If
it's been a bad night-time hypo, it'll stay high all day. What I now do
(where appropriate, and with due caution) is to double my basal rate for
a few hours after a non-trivial hypo. It stops the rebounding bg going
too high, I feel better quicker and it prevents that hypo hangover.

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