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Re: [IP] Site Lump

Wayne wrote:
> I wonder if infections are a real problem in well controlled pumpers.
> There is so much over emphasis on cleanliness, but most of us used to reuse
> syringes, reuse lancets, inject through clothing, etc. and never have had
> problems.  How many on this list have ever had a real full blown site
> infection since going on the pump that your own immune system did not
> spontaneously clear up?

I guess the difference is that with lancets and syringes the wound
immediately closes up and starts to heal. With the infusion set you're
forcing the wound to stay open for several days. Nasty!

In 6 months I've had just one site go really nasty. (This was in the
early days, and I was pushing the site to see how long it could last - I
got 6 days) I just covered it with a plaster, and it healed within a day
or two. I do appreciate I could have died of septacemia, and would
always advise others exercise caution, but that's the way I lead my
life. I definitely find my immune system is strong these days.

There's increasing evidence that the more you use antibiotics, the less
natural resistence your body has in future to similar infections. But
don't expect a drug company to confirm that, or a doctor fearing

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