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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #433

     The argument over three, four, five, six and more days on the same set 
     is kind of suprising to me.
     It seems to me that the problem of infection is introduced when 
     something is inserted into the body.  This being the case, only when 
     one changes sets or changes the feeding tube can any problem occur (as 
     long as the site is CLEAN and SEALED and taped very well).
     After years and years of testing everything from straight stainless 
     catheters, stainless with 'wings', IV teflons (prior to introduction 
     of special teflons for the pump as we now enjoy), and a variety of 
     soft-set, tender and other concoctions I am thoroughly convinced that
     a] milage WILL vary
     b] everyone IS different
     c] What he sees may NOT be what you will get
     d] all tapes are bad news in winter and jokes in the summer
     e] After two days my body just doesn't care how much insulin I pump 
        into that catheter, it stops paying attention to it
     f] If Humalog at U30 .. U50 was available I would be using it in the
        pump to increase number of basal hits/hour.
     Oh well....
     Having said all this, the worst i've ever had was a soft-ball size 
     something under the skin at the site of a stainless catheter (which 
     had been in about two + days).  At that point I decided to 
     experimentally try teflon IV catheters with doctors 'quiet' advice (I 
     didn't tell you to do this but this is what will work if you want to 
     continue on the pump which is the only thing that has seemed to work 
     anywhere close to this well for you)....
     Yerachmiel Altman
       speaking from the ancient days of diluting insulin to get the basal 
     rate set.  (any new pumpers who complain about complexity of the 
     device should PLEASE speak to me.  I am I am I am going to write up a 
     'my first three years pumping' article....I'm just afraid of all the 
     ghosts which will revisit me from those years past....Makes clinitest 
     look like phun!).

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