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Re: [IP] bolusing while on Vacation

Ruth Elowitz wrote:
> Does your meter beep periodically when you set a temp rate?  Every time I try that
> again it keeps both myself and my husband up half the night.

This bugs me as well. I don't use the temp basal for this reason. I
reprogram the main basal rate for the required period, and make d**m
sure I remember to unprogram it.

Some people need warnings and reminders, but if there was the option in
the setup section to turn off sounds, I would use it. I would even
select "No audio warning" for a "No delivery". I work in the music
business, and if my alarm went off during a recording session, or a live
broadcast, it could be fairly damaging to my professional prospects.

Even the tick on the Minimed507 causes me problems. I watched Wagner's
Flying Dutchman at Bayreuth yesterday. And during several intense quiet
moments, a loud tick was heard. And believe me, in these situations the
sound carries!

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