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Re: [IP] Camp Caution

In a message dated 98-07-21 15:42:38 EDT, you write:

<< I never quite understood these campers'
 motivations and just dismissed them as "stupid".  I might be off the mark
 here, but I think any child who is adequately "educated concerning diabetes"
 by parent or dr. will not get involved in such activities. >>

I do think you're off the mark. I was neither "stupid" nor uneducated. Kids
have more info about diabetes today as we do. But if you believe every parent
that says "my boy would never do that" you've got you're head in the sand.

Are you trying to tell me that every kid that is educated about periodontal
disease brushes their teeth twice daily and flosses regularly? Most adults
don't do that. 

Randall wrote that, "The problem begins when some "professionals" punish their
for "non-compliance" when their numbers aren't on target. If your numbers
don't fall on target, then you've been a bad, bad, bad, bad person." 

Although what Randall wrote definitely happens. I don't think that is the case
for all kids. For many kids, it's not trying to please parents, doctors or
whomever but rather that testing, counting carbs is a chore just like brushing
your teeth. Kids will occassionally wet the brush instead of actually

People learn from peers. Both the good and the "bad". I've learned some "bad"
habits (Please, note the quotes.) from this list. I used a new lancet every
time I tested. But when I learned that others were using the same lancet. I
decided to try what my doctor educated me not to do.

For some people, changing lancets may be a money issue but for many on
insurance plans etc... changing the lancet is a minor cost but a major hassel.
It's not trying to avoid the "bad" label rather it's taking short cuts on an
unwanted chore.

Kids are going to see good and bad practises at camp. In my opinion, it is a
good idea to talk to them about both. There will be kids around them that
don't do everything they should (maybe carb counting is lax) and still appear

And I repeat, camp was a wonderful time for me. It was great to see other kids
that dealt with the same issues I did and adults who understood diabetes. And
the list goes on.

Anyway, I'm sure I'm over reacting by taking your comments personally and
should give myself the same advise I'm going to say now... Lighten up! It was
only a word of warning, not a death sentence on camps.

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