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Re: [IP] bg's after bolusing (was eating out)

Bob wrote:

> There really is no such thing as a perfectly "flat" BG curve. Non diabetics
> have peaks in this range after meals. I think the important thing here *is*
> the big picture. Kayla may peak, but she slowly comes back down over the
> next three hours. Great ! That's what she should be seeing. Dropping to 150
> or less one hour after eating, is not practical in many cases. Following
> that up with a supplemental bolus to achieve this level can result in the
> pumper "chasing their tail". They frequently end up going in circles. I
> don't shoot for these post prandial targets, and I've been doing this for a
> while ;-)

This is what I've been thinking, too.  But her endo is wanting to see
lower postprandials.  Not necessarily 'normal', but less than 250.  Her
target bg is 140, so I consider that safe for her age and don't have a
problem with that.  But I'm tired of trying this and trying that and
none of it is working.  I'm satisfied that her bg gets back to an
acceptable level in 4 hours.  And I would be happy if on 'normal' days
we cut back on testing her so much.

I think it's time for a heart-to-heart with her endo.  We go back on the
27th, so I think I'll bring it up then.

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